As the daughter of an artist I’ve grown up with art around me. From a young age this triggered my interest in different forms of art and always stimulated me to create. Eventually my biggest interests became making animations and illustrations. I decided to study at an art academy when I finished high school and after combining both making animations and illustrating for a while I decided to mainly focus on illustrating.

After completing a year of training at Minerva, the art academy of Groningen during my last year of high school, I graduated in Illustration Design from ArtEZ in Zwolle and started my work as a freelance illustrator.

In 2017 I moved to Seoul, South-Korea to discover a new culture and to get inspired, which taught me a lot, including a lot of things about myself. In 2019 I decided to move back to The Netherlands to continue my work and find new inspiration here. What my next plan will be is yet to be decided..!


Preparatory education – Minerva Art Academy Groningen, The Netherlands

Illustration Design – ArtEZ Art Academy Zwolle, The Netherlands


Opzij Magazine (The Netherlands)

Flow Magazine (The Netherlands, International)

Flow Weekly (The Netherlands)

Elsevier Juist (The Netherlands)

Libelle Magazine (The Netherlands)

Margriet Magazine (The Netherlands)

Bridge Magazine (The Netherlands)

Goed Gevoel Magazine (Belgium)

Flow Magazine Germany

Flow Magazine International

Dasan Books 다산북스 (Korea)

Design Anthology Magazine (Hong Kong)