My name Lize Prins, I am a freelance illustrator and print (plus the occasional mural) maker, currently based in Groningen, The Netherlands.

My work is characterized by my love for color and different textures and patterns. I work mostly in photoshop, combining sharp lines with hand-drawn and hand-painted textures, but also occasionally in 3D with fabrics.

The thing about art that has always greatly fascinated me was being able of think of anything, giving it some kind shape, and thus making it come to life. Creating a way of instantly transporting the viewer into a fantasy world, is the most magical thing to me.

Interested in animation and illustration, I started studying both but quickly decided on continuing illustration design. After graduating I started editorial work for magazines, which suited me really well. I have always enjoyed the challenge (and struggle) of figuring out a way to turn a full story or article into 1 or a few images.

After having lived and worked in Seoul, South Korea for over 2 years I came back to The Netherlands and started venturing into creating prints/postcards/stickers, wanting to focus more on my own ideas and imagination, next to illustrating the stories of others.


The Netherlands: Forum Groningen, Opzij Magazine, Flow Magazine, Flow Weekly, Elsevier Juist, Libelle Magazine, Margriet Magazine, Flair Magazine, Bridge Magazine, Wandel.nl

International: Goed Gevoel Magazine (Belgium), Flow Magazine (Germany), Flow Magazine International, Dasan Books 다산북스 (Korea), Design Anthology Magazine (Hong Kong)


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