I am Lize Prins, freelance illustrator and print maker, based in The Netherlands. Together with my friends I started an illustrator’s collective called See:sun, working on projects individually and together in our studio Rotterdam.

My work is characterized by my love for playing with shapes, colors and different textures. I get inspired by the 80’s, vintage toys, -ads and cute/crazy characters. Having lived in Seoul, South Korea, has also had a big influence on my work. Working mostly digitally, I love using the risograph to print my work, which gives the print texture, super bright colors and unintentional yet charming little flaws. Apart from illustration I love working in 3D, making ceramics and objects from wood as well as clothing and figures with fabric.

Having fun in creating while living and working in an ecofriendly and sustainable way is very important to me. That’s why I try to repurpose as many materials and packaging as possible, avoiding new plastics completely. The risograph uses rice-based inks, which is also a more environmentally friendly way of printing.


The Netherlands: Forum Groningen, Opzij Magazine, Flow Magazine, Flow Weekly, Elsevier Juist, Libelle Magazine, Margriet Magazine, Flair Magazine, Bridge Magazine, Wandel.nl, &C Magazine, Erasmus University

International: Goed Gevoel Magazine (Belgium), Flow Magazine (Germany), Flow Magazine International, Dasan Books 다산북스 (Korea), Design Anthology Magazine (Hong Kong)